Afoi Xalatsi O.E.

Quality Policy

Afoi Xalatsi’s fame is based on our ability to produce high quality concrete products in competitive prices and also in the constant improvement of our products through our technical expertise and systematic quality control.

Our company’s policy is firmly applied so we can achieve and meet all the requirements which in turn will result in the manufacturing of products that will not only satisfy our stated and expected specifications but will also be in accordance with all Greek and European legislation.

Our goals include the constant increase of customer satisfaction, the reduction and elimination of end product defects and finally the efficiency and effectiveness of all the processes.

By achieving the aforementioned goals our clients are supplied not only with products that conform to the highest quality standards, but also with the trustworthiness of a reliable partner.

In order to ensure the success of all the above goals and to practically prove its commitment to quality, the Management Board of Afoi Xalatsi O.E. opted to apply a Quality Management System that is in accordance with the universally acknowledged ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Afoi Xalatsi O.E. retains its constant quality & control through its production infrastructure, the carefully chosen partners and suppliers of raw materials and the materials themselves, the constant training of personnel and above everything else the personal work and involvement of the owners in the entire production process.

To ensure constant performance improvement everyone in Afoi Xalatsi O.E. should aspire to excel in their field of expertise and to apply their skills to the best of their abilities, while conforming to the predetermined processes. The company urges its employees to participate actively and to contribute their ideas for the improvement of the production process to the immediate heads of their departments.

Every employee of Afoi Xalatsi O.E. is a crucial link of the quality cycle and is essential in order to ensure full application and conformation with the quality standards.

Sotirios Xalatsis
General Director